Studio 4 ears

Nikola Lamburov: One must experiment

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name: Nikola Lamburov age: 23 job: photographer education: University for the Creative Arts, Fashion Promotion and Imaging location: London, UK Mokuso: How long have you been taking pictures? Nikola Lamburov: […]

Ellie Petrova: They thought I would be a football player

Ellie Petrova

name: Elisaveta Petrova age: 25 job: Illustrator/2D Animator education: Bachelor in illustration at University of Worcester; master in 2D animation at University of the Arts London where are you now: […]

Mitko Mitkov: The content matters the most

Mitko Mitkov

name: Mitko Mitkov age: 25 job: graphic designer education: bachelor and masters degree in graphic/typography/photography at the HFBK Hamburg location:¬†Hamburg, Germany Mokuso: Can you describe yourself with a few words? […]

Studio 4 ears


name: Studio 4 ears (a circle of friends and artists) age: 28 – 34 education: National Academy of Arts, Sofia in the programs: Woodcarving, Metal, Design in Advetising and Textile […]

Svetlin Velinov: I am so conventional, even boring

Svetlin Velinov

name: Svetlin Velinov age: 35 job: concept artist and illustrator education: National School of Arts Dobri Hristov, Varna; profile¬†fine arts where are you now: Varna MOKUSO: Let us start with […]

Maria Lavchieva: Everyday I am in a magical workshop


MOKUSO: How did you choose Iceland to be your home at this point of your life? Maria Lavchieva: I always follow my heart and a year or two ago it […]

Kinetic studio: Thanks to science we’ve reached many art lovers


Mokuso: Who is Kinetic? Kinetic, Angel: My name is Angel Petkov and I am one of the founders of Kinetic Studio, after that the team was joined by Stela Stoynova, […]

Aleko Osenski: My style is messy and spontaneous

name: Alexander Osenski age: 36 job/education: photographer where do we find you now: on set, shooting Mokuso: Since when are you engaged with photography and do you think it is […]

Eliza Ivanova: I like art that crosses the borders of the known


name: Eliza Ivanova age: 26 education: BFA Character Animation (classic animation) job: animator at Pixar Animation Studios, San Francisco residence: San Francisco Mokuso: For how long have you been living […]

Ivaylo Nedkov: Inspiration makes you create without thinking of failure

SofiaDesignWeek 2013

name: Ivaylo Nedkov age: 27 education: graduate in Graphic Design job: Graphic designer/Illustrator residence: Sofia, Bulgaria Mokuso: It was very hard for us to classify you to the digital arts […]