Stefan Milev: I try to carry on the tradition of the fine-art photographers from the 19th century

name: Stefan Milev

born: 1981 in Sofia

job: Photographer

residence: Paris/Stuttgart/Berlin

Mokuso: Mr. Milev, since when do you live abroad (outside Bulgaria)?

Stefan Milev: I don’t live in Bulgaria since 14th April 1990.

M: What is your avocation and does it match what you do for a living?

S.M: It’s art. And it does.

М: We think that your works are not typical fashion photography. Does your work reflect your personal worldview?

S.М: Thank you. I try to carry on the tradition of the fine-art photographers from the 19th century. I like photographs that look like paintings, with a feeling of mystery and beauty. Very simple and unique. This is how I want to describe my works.

М: Who/what kills art?

S.М: We live in an era where people just consume what they see on big billboards. Internet and digital media kill art. And internet kills the paper also.

М:  Have you worked in Bulgaria and if yes what would you say pro and contra compared with working abroad?

S.М: Unfortunately I haven’t worked in Bulgaria. But I would like to. This is my goal.

М: What are your favourite clients and projects?

S.М: Satisfied clients are my fav clients, and my favourite projects are the creative one’s.

M: Your interpretation of the following equation: %talant / %diligence=? in general

S.M: I think one needs both, talant and diligence in the right quantity, but also luck.

М: We want that our readers can have a clearer vision of you. Can you portray one of your days and yourself with few words?

S.М: Very simple – I have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meanwhile I take pictures, make phone calls, travel, experiment or develop pictures. I also take time for my child and family.

М: What did you want to become when you were a child?

S.М: Waste collector, or rather to clean the streets with water and a hose.

М: Is there something you would like to say to our readers?

S.М: “Everything you can imagine is real” Pablo Picasso

Stefan Milev has publications in magazines like Vogue Germany, Qvest, Metal, Derzeit, REVS, ZINK, Another, Twin, Spex, 160g and others; lookbooks for Augustin Teboul and campaigns for 22/4 Hommes Femmes.

Stefan Milev’s portrait: 

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