SofiaDesignWeek 2013

Ivaylo Nedkov: Inspiration makes you create without thinking of failure

name: Ivaylo Nedkov

age: 27

education: graduate in Graphic Design

job: Graphic designer/Illustrator

residence: Sofia, Bulgaria

Mokuso: It was very hard for us to classify you to the digital arts section. To which classification do you think you are closer to?

Ivaylo Nedkov: I’m not very good at classifying. I like diversity. I’m looking for the right approach depending on the project.

M: Define contemporary digital arts.

I.N: Extremely dynamic, diverse and progressive. Different softwares have incredible possibilities for image creation and retouch. You can be a digital artist without having a classical art degree and education.

M:Does the computer isolate you from the creative process? Does the romance vanish in the creation of an digital artwork or does it have its own charm?

I.N: For me the computer is part of the process. A means that facilitates and enriches it at the same time. As for romance, I think, it is more a result of the respect and attitude towards what you do.

M: Which is your favourite digital arts trend, that you use in your work? And fine arts one?

I.N: I can’t say I divide my work into digital and fine arts. Analogue and digital aspects complement one another in my work. Depending on the project one gets the upper hand over the other, but they are always unaltered parts of the idea realisation.

M: What is the motto of a Bulgariand graphic designer?

I.N: (Laughs) I have no idea. I think most of the designers are men of actions, not of words.

M: Name some of the qualities of one your Bulgarian clients.

I.N: We (FourPlus studio) would like people that come to us with assignment to do it because of the added value, quality and individuality of our work. More and more clients come to us with this or similar attitude and it makes us happy.

M: Do you work with foreigners and what kind people are they?

I.N: In the last years I have the opportunity to work with a lot of different clients and a a lot of them are foreigners. They usualy own small companies or start-ups and have a very clear vision of what they want. Often they contact us because they saw I previous project of FourPlus studio and think our style will be perfect for their product or brand.

M: What does “tempo” mean according to your job?

I.N: Tempo in the working process is often set by the client. Things happen today for tomorrow, and that requires serious organisation and fast realization from idea to final product.

M: Describe the five most tense minutes from an assigment or creative process.

I.N: It is different every time. Most tense are the moments of surprise or the ambiguity if things will happen as we supposed them to happen.

M: What is your hobby? Does it re-cover your job?

I.N: Soccer and drawing over thrown slabs and windows. (you can see it here:

M: What’s inspiration?

I.N: It’s the flow of energy, that makes you create without any thought of failure.

M: Do you have a pet? And how does it cope with the art environment it lives in?

I.N: I don’t. I recently found out I’m allergic to cats and since then I try to stay away from animals.

M: Can you give a professional advice to the young graphic designers and digital artists?

I.N: I don’t like giving advice usualy, but if I have to it will be: Work hard for what you believe in and makes you happy.


Thanks for the translation to Graham Ralphs and Mira Ralphs!

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