Aleko Osenski: My style is messy and spontaneous

name: Alexander Osenski

age: 36

job/education: photographer

where do we find you now: on set, shooting

Mokuso: Since when are you engaged with photography and do you think it is your  vocation?

Alexander Osenski: I started studying photography at the age of 25 at New Bulgarian University. It was 10-11 years ago and I thought it as my vocation. To date I perceive it as a profession. Very cool profession.

М: Do you remember your first camera? Tell us about it.

А.О: Praktica MTL – used. With a set of few lenses and a black-and-white home laboratory – a gift from a colleague of my father. But the first time I used a camera I was maybe 13 years old, on a trip to France. I developed the film the same night to see the pictures…

М: What is the level of importance of the camera’s technical parameters when you want to realize an idea?

А.О: High and low at the same time. It depends on the idea. Reportage can’t be done comfortably with medium format, but I know people who breeze through it. In other cases the high resolution and many details in the photograph can lead to brutal suggestions and higher levels of pleasure. Leaving aside the technical parameters needed for a certain shot – the best camera is the one you have in your hands in the particular moment.

М: What do you like in fashion photography? Do you perceive it as a separate genre in the fine arts?

А.О: Because of its commerciality I cannot qualify it as art. Because ot everything else I perceive it as “Strawyberry fields forever” for any artist. And me – I am just a visual hard worker.

М: How do you describe your style and what makes it different?

А.О: It is messy and spontaneous. I love to capture moments. Nothing from those things makes it different.

М: What kind of models do you prefer to work with and what kind of qualities do you look for?

А.О: In my job – with capable models. In all other cases – with inspiring and interesting people.

М: What was the most interesting and challenging job you were commissioned?

A.O: There is none. Every shooting is a challenge for me. I approach a fashion editorial with the same enthusiasm as a portrait of a girl in a park.

М: Have you ever experienced extreme conditions during shooting? Tell us a story of yours.

А.О: Luckily it never went to extremes. And I’m also very into extreme stuff so from this point of view it can’t bother me, even if I have to shoot in the middle of a thundering herd of buffalo. What a shot that is!

М: Calm or dynamic environment stimulates you at work?

А.О: I love when things happen, when they are not stuck or winded off. But there are moments when I need some peace and quiet to center before I proceed to shooting.

М: When did you receive your first compliment on a photograph?

А.О: It was my second year at university when I took part in an exhibition of the department. The day after the opening my photo was stolen…

М: What are the three rules of photography that you always abide?

А.О: I’m so chaotic and impulsive when I shoot. But in any case I try to not forget my CF cards and to have focus in the picture.

М: Where do you prefer to photograph – in studio or on location?

А.О: I don’t have preferences. Both processes are very different which makes them equally interesting.

М: Give advice to the youngsters, who take the camera for the first time and dream to become photographers?

А.О: Take pictures! And when you do – resemble only yourselves!

Mokuso: You can visit Alexander Osenski’s website.

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