Mitko Mitkov

Mitko Mitkov: The content matters the most

name: Mitko Mitkov

age: 25

job: graphic designer

education: bachelor and masters degree in graphic/typography/photography at the HFBK Hamburg

location: Hamburg, Germany

Mitko Mitkov

Mokuso: Can you describe yourself with a few words?

Mitko Mitkov: I wouldn’t say there is something very characteristic of me. 

Mitko Mitkov

М: For how long have you been living out of Bulgaria?

М.М: Almost 7 years.

М: What is the situation there like for artists?

М.М: Considering their number – very fruitful.

Mitko Mitkov

М: How many things do you do right now and are they all in the arts? What’s your favourite?

М.М: Mainly publishing, graphic design, a little bit of photography and editing. But editing is my fav now. Design and photography are forms of expression that I am interested in, but the content matters the most.

Mitko Mitkov

М: How did the project 1%ofONE Verlag start? What is its purposes, aims and its future?

М.М: The begining of 1%ofONE Verlag is connected with my own photographic projects. I was not interested in the usual way of exibiting photography in art galleries (prints on walls) I started doing publications. The works were more series and single shots that didn’t mean anything on their own, that’s why the book was a suitable format. After the first personal projects published by 1%ofONE Verlag I started working with more people from and out of my encirclement, I concentrated mainly on publishing. The publishing house functioned more like a gallery and the small books as portable exhibitions. Despite the strong photography content the focus slowly moved towards other things (Dorthin…., The fuck It Times) that in one way or another represented different artistic positions and oppinions. In the last couple of years part of the publishing house is also Stefan Fuchs with whom we work also on other projects. 

The Future of 1%ofONE is undefined. The publishing continues but at a lower pace. Recently our publishing approach changed and despite this we have plans for new projects. 

Mitko Mitkov

М: Is art connected with a specific space and how is your work positioned on the map (in your head mostly)?

М.М: I would say my work is not bounded to a specific place/space. The published format is very easy to carry around. Our publications travel all over the world and we were part of and made many exhibitions with them in different countries. That of course makes me very happy.

Mitko Mitkov

М: Are you connected with Bulgaria and does it somehow contribute to your artistic growth?

М.М: It definitely helps me see things from two perspectives. A big part of my photo archive, that I use in many ways when I work, consists of pictures mainly shot in Bulgaria.

М: What do and don’t you like in Germany and Bulgaria?

М.М: I think it is normal to have different “scenes” in arts and culture. But I often feel that in these circles it’s more about showing yourself and being seen. In this cases I prefer to spend my time in the bars. This is valid for both countries. 

Otherwise I would like to see more modern artists exhibited in Bulgaria – like Pierre Huyghe and Ed Atkins.

Mitko Mitkov

М: How much does an artist need?

М.М: Appropriate working environment and financial security.

Mitko Mitkov

М: Is there something that inspires you a great deal?

М.М: Nothing in particular. I try to come to conclusions based on everything I do and to follow what others do. Lately I find the banal and simple things very fascinating.

Mitko Mitkov

М: What projects are you working on now? Can we expect more exhibitons? Even in Bulgaria?

М.М: At the moment Stefan and I work on the graphic layout of a thematic publication apropos of a symposium “Aesthetics of the repetition”. Aside that we have 2-3 ideas for new projects that are still in the bud. One of them is connected with exhibition. If possible why not in Bulgaria also.

Mitko Mitkov

Mitko Mitkov

М: Give advice to the young artists who are now starting to take pictures or are starting their own publishing project.

М.М: I think it’s important for one to try different things and try to learn from the mistakes.

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