Trandafila Trendafilova: I paint where I can make connection with my magical abilities

Name: Trendafila Trendafilova

Age: 26

Education: Bachelor degree in Fine Arts, National Academy of Arts, Sofia Bulgaria and an interrupted

Master in Fine Arts, National Academy of Art, Sofia Bulgaria but I will start it again in autumn.

Profession: an artist

Where do you live now: in Varna, this is one of the places where I can be by myself with my paintings and my music. In a fine place :)


Mokuso: Hi, how could we call you? Do you have а pseudonym?

Persefi Eskes – an artist and a poet. I am still contrary to how my musical character will be called.

M: How can you describe your genre in Fine Arts? If that can be defined?

It is hard to define it, I wouldn’t even, but I will try to make it. The genre is abstract experimental figurative ambient – or maybe magical surnaivism.


М: You have а very interesting and individual way of drawing. How has it developed into the time?

I have been interested in drawing and its interminable аpplications and variants from early childhood. Before I went to study architecture, I was painting more academic-realistic, then I quit all this architectural exactness and started Fine Arts in National Academy of Art. My painting acquired new dimensions, I еxperimented on huge sizes, figural compositions and various subjects. It was becoming more individual, free and happy.


М: Do you have your favourite materials for painting? What about favourite subjects?

Pink oils, pink finepens, canvas, a mini register for painting. Colors and visual objects are my all time  favourites. The Invisible is a theme now that I am trying to paint and feel.

M: Is your elementary education related to Art?

As I remember, my elementary education was related to Fine Art, such like in the high school. Even then I found painting with colors, after that I have never stopped admiring it.


M: Which are the art forms that inspire and motivate you? And people and events?

All kinds of visual forms of the physical world, seen through the magical realism of an artist, expressed by digital arts, cinema experiments, video art, sound art, and cavalet variant of artistic works. Music has a great impact on me and it is a great part of my art. I intend to show it in public.

People very often do not exist to me. I love to feel them as one invisible presence, virtual for example. They inspire me very much, and I get bored of them at the same time. They are one provocative theme, which I intend to explore more profoundly. I prefer to stand aside and not to associate with them. I look at myself as an extraterrestrial, and then everything is in the right place.


M: Do you have a creative period ”before” and “after” certain event? What are the differences and the emotion in these periods?

My art is always changing, nevertheless it seems to sustain one kind of expressive forms. It changes towards my own fine condition of vibrating and living here and now. I can say that shortly after I became a mother I don’t have enough time to fulfill myself and for creative victories (hah). But this period of maternity, which will continue to the very end of my life, is in fact a cream of the joke in every woman’s and artist’s life, it gives a huge variety of standpoints and endless love the art will not exist without.

My sensibility in expressing myself has become more permeable and devouring everything beautiful and real. It has become more questioning and has found the best way to be shared and understand.


M: How would you describe your home? Does it have influence on your art? And is this your place for drawing or you have another shelter?

I still don’t have my own place. I have always been changing myself and my surroundings. I am a traveler, always questioning and finding inspiration and memories from the future. I paint where I can make this connection with my magical abilities.


М: Do the country or the social, еconomic or political condition has any influence on your work?

As I said before my art is very personal, It depends only on my very pure and true being. To me all of these fashionable states are very rough, contorted and unreal. The whole system is such created that it arouse my admiration and my regret at the same time because it all stands on one big lie. I am trying to use the new invented technologies as an improvement that shows the forms of my art. I think it works out. I need them especially in my future video-sound projects.


M: Where can we see more of your works? Exhibitions? Online?






М: Is it possible to buy or order your painting? Do you have any requirements for your clients?

O, for sure! I could have requirements, but I rarely know my clients, because I often sell my works through a gallery-mediator online. I don’t think that anyone who has enough money should buy art. This should not be the only criterion, but this is my Utopia. We live in a world mostly with a financial tendency. Everyone is judged by the face of money.


M: Do you have a philosophy of existence and the people and art?

Yes, I have  The world here and now is one of my stations of existence. I truly hope it is the last to materialize me as a human being. I do not associate myself with the human race, although naivety and foolishness inspire me. I enjoy myself. The art that creates truth is our saver!


M: What does an artist need to develop and what is to you professional realization in Bulgaria? And what about abroad?

I don’t want to achieve professional realization here in Bulgaria. I think the social status in Bulgaria, the ethics here are far from my idea of communication and full value. I want to develop myself beyond Earth. Yes, maybe. USA is one of the destinations where I could probably develop my professional skills. Every artist is unique and his needs of development and manifestation are personal and change in time.


М:Is there anything you can advise all the young artists coming into this field?

To believe in themselves and in their uniqueness and with no fear to begin to explore their inner worlds.

M: What can we expect from you in near future?

A lot of music! Pictorial music – synthcolor, experiments in video format. And a lot of artistic projects on a picturesque format, some of which will be presented this year in the Night of Museums and Galleries – Plovdiv. More details will be announced online.


translation from bulgarian: Mina Angelova, mini_angelova@abv.bg, 0888764171

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