Bistra Vinarova

Bistra Vinarova’s Expressionist Art

We are very happy to hear, that there is at the National Arts Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria, an exhibition of the extremely talented bulgarian expressionist Bistra Vinarova. This is her first exhibition in Bulgaria. It started on 23 July and it can be visited until 30 September, kindly consigned by her son Trayan Radev.

Bistra Vinarova was e very smart, beautiful and respected woman, admired by Rilke and Nikos Kazandzakis. Born in the beginning of the 1900’s in a famous and respected family, married to Simeon Radev, honoured bulgarian diplomat and public figure, she recieved her art education in Vienna, Dresden, Munich and Berlin. After 1944 her family and she were repressed by the communist party.


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